More than 1 billion euros of assets under management with a clear focus: securing stable cash flow and sustainable added value

As managers of an extensive portfolio of commercial real estate properties, we have direct access to the leading retail organizations and a sound understanding of office tenant profiles. The value of use that our tenants ascribe to the areas ensures cash flow stability. This is why we focus on active leasing activities and a close cooperation with tenants. These activities comprise efficient re-leasing processes as well as an active contract and receivable management.

At the same time, we place emphasis on medium and long term property value appreciation. We analyze value added strategies and propose these to our clients as options for action. Be it space expansion, the development of additional third-party revenues or sustainability projects — it takes creativity and experience and our team can offer both. Our tasks also comprise the reasonable use of cost reduction potentials and efficient selection and supervision of management services (e.g. technical, bookkeeping, environment, taxes, legal affairs).

Our customers can choose between monthly or quarterly real estate and financial reporting. In addition, we prepare the medium-term development strategy for an annually updated budget and multi-annual planning, which is then implemented according to the client‘s requirements. This enables us to ensure a sound quality and risk management.

Leasing and value appreciation
  • Active management of tenant relationships, strategic planning and budget
  • Organizational planning and implementation of additional revenues and/or third-party revenue sources
  • Added value through new leases, development and cost reduction
Real Estate and Financial Reporting
  • Preparation of regular monthly, quarterly and annual financial reports
  • Budgeting and updated multi-annual planning (3 to 5 years)
  • Budget vs Actuals (variance analysis) to proof of achievement of objectives
  • Debt financing and bank reporting
Technical aspect
  • Tracking and clarification of technical status
  • Coordination of technical due diligence
  • Technical reporting
  • Cost tracking and control
Legal aspect
  • Clarification of general legal issues (e.g. lease contract law) and coordination with law firms
  • Coordination of legal due diligence