Substantial experience based on more than 80 purchases and sales with a transaction volume in excess of 4 billion euros

As investment managers, we work with our customers to define strategic investment criteria and match these with suitable, high-quality real estate investments in the relevant markets. We source properties both in a direct approach („off market“) and through reliable network with established real estate brokers.

Our team has processed more than 80 purchase and sales transactions with a market volume in excess of 4 billion euros in the past years. We have established a sound transaction experience spanning from the initial analysis to the optimal and audit-proof implementation of a transaction. Our services comprise the coordination of a comprehensive due diligence, preparation of cash flow analyses, preparation of budget and multi-annual planning as well as securing third-party financing.

We have gained profound knowledge of the opportunities and risks associated with real estate investments based on our active management expertise (over 100 actively managed properties with a volume of more than 1 billion euros), enabling us to ensure that our clients make informed decisions.

Our Investment Criteria