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28th May 2019
BLUE Asset Management joins Schroders
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BLUE Asset Management ...

... is a full-service investment manager for commercial real estate with a long-standing expertise and strong focus on the retail and office segments. BLUE Asset Management strives to ensure optimal added value for managed properties through active asset and investment management services throughout the real estate investment cycle. We are established as one of the leading independent and privately held real estate management platforms in our market.

BLUE Asset Management currently manages over 80 commercial properties of institutional investors with a market value of more than 1.2 billion euros. Geographically, we focus on the DACH region as largest European real estate investment market covering Germany, Switzerland and Austria.

As a fully integrated platform, we provide real estate investment and asset management services to global and domestic institutional investors as well as family offices. Our clients are of utmost importance to us and we hold long-standing and trusted relationships with our blue chip institutional investor base.

Our clients profit from our substantial experience and bespoke services based on more than 100 purchases and sales with a transaction volume in excess of EUR 5 billion. We have a preferred access and steady flow of investment opportunities allowing off-market transaction even in competitive markets.

Our work is characterized by an entrepreneurial and institutional approach with an in-depth market understanding and ability to deliver tailored investment strategies according to our clients risk/ return targets. We focus on managed account investment structures, but are also capable to service AIFM structures. As an independent and solution-driven company, we work quickly, creatively and discreetly. BLUE Asset Management is the trusted partner for real estate investors in the DACH region.

Our Task Profile comprises

  • Structuring and managing of tailor-made investments for our clients
  • Sourcing of real estate investments based on stringent investment criteria
  • Coordination of purchase and disposition processes (due diligence, asset and share deal structures, financing)
  • Development and implementation of value-added concepts
  • Active and direct management of all letting activities
  • Cash flow modeling, budget process and multi-annual planning
  • Real estate and financial reporting (on property, portfolio, corporate and holding level)
  • Coordination of third-party service providers

We support in detail the decision-making process of our clients throughout the full real estate value chain. The clients have control and overview about relevant activities taken. Based on our client’s decisions and approvals, we undertake the daily operations.

Investment Management

Substantial experience based on more than 100 purchases and sales with a transaction volume in excess of 5 billion euro

Investment Criteria

The main task in the field of investment management is the sourcing, acquisition and sale of real estate according to the investment strategy of our clients.

As investment manager we strive for innovative and tailored investment solutions for our clients. and work with our clients to define strategic investment criteria and match these with suitable, high-quality real estate investments in the relevant markets.

This is essentially done on the basis of our clients' demanding yield and quality criteria and their given opportunity / risk appetite, as well as our sound market knowledge and in timely anticipation of market trends.

As part of our direct investment strategy, we pursue core strategies as well as core plus / value-add approaches for our clients. Inventory objects as well as investments in project developments on the basis of turnkey arrangements are considered as target allocation.


Our investment focus is centered around food-anchored retail properties and metropolitan office properties as well as mixed-use properties (some with residential units). The investment approach has therefore been constant and verifiable for many years both geographically and also in regards to the assets classes.

After clarifying the investment objectives with our clients, we primarily pursue a bottom-up investment approach, which is underpinned by current opportunities and ongoing market observation.

The majority of our transactions are sourced in a direct approach (“off-market”) through a strong corporate network (e.g. industry, developers, retailers) but we also hold a reliable network with established real estate brokers

Our team has processed more than 100 purchase and sales transactions with a market volume in excess of 5 billion euros in the past years. We have established a sound transaction experience spanning from the initial analysis to the optimal and audit-proof implementation of a transaction.

Our services comprise sourcing of real estate opportunities, coordination of a comprehensive due diligence, preparation of cash flow analyses, preparation of budget and multi-annual planning as well as securing third-party financing.

We have gained profound knowledge of the opportunities and risks associated with real estate investments based on our active management expertise (over 80 actively managed properties with a volume of more than 1.7 billion euros, enabling us to ensure that our clients make informed decisions.

Our clients are of utmost importance to us and we hold long-standing and trusted relationships with our clients. The team of BLUE Asset Management acts with integrity, trust, diligence and focus exclusively in the interests of the client.

Asset Management

More than 1.2 billion euros of assets under management with a clear focus: securing stable cash flow and sustainable added value

As trusted managers of an extensive portfolio of commercial real estate properties, we have direct access to the leading retail organizations and a sound understanding of office tenant profiles. We focus on active and efficient letting activities in close cooperation with tenants in order to ensure cash flow stability and value appreciation for our clients.

At the same time, we place emphasis on medium and long-term property value appreciation. We analyze value added strategies and propose these to our clients as options for action. Be it expansion of lettable area, the development of additional third-party revenues or sustainability projects — it takes creativity and experience and our team can offer both.

Our tasks also comprise the implementation of cost reduction measures and efficient selection and supervision of management services (e.g. technical, bookkeeping, environment, taxes, legal affairs).


Our letting and value appreciation services include:

  • Active and direct management of letting activities
  • Strategic management of key tenant relationships
  • Development of letting strategy
  • Implementation of additional revenue and cost optimization measures
  • Provide sector, industry and market specific intelligence and trend analysis
  • Clarification of general legal issues (e.g. lease contract law)

Real Estate and Financial Reporting

  • Preparation of regular monthly, quarterly and annual financial reports
  • Budgeting and updated multi-annual planning (3 to 5 years)
  • Budget vs Actuals (variance analysis) to proof of achievement of objectives
  • Debt financing and bank reporting

Technical Aspects

  • Tracking and clarification of technical status
  • Coordination of technical due diligence
  • Technical reporting
  • Cost tracking and control

Legal Aspect

  • Clarification of general legal issues
  • (e.g. lease contract law) and coordination
  • with law firms
  • Coordination of legal due diligence

Value-Added Concepts

Added value as a result of modernization and improved positioning: We establish value-added concepts and manage their implementation.

We develop the options for action, prepare a concrete implementation concept and analyze profitability based on time and cost planning.


At the same time, we develop an opportunity and risk profile together with our clients and coordinate the financing structure and actions based upon which investment risks can be reduced or even avoided (construction and cost guarantee, securing leases, etc.).

We coordinate the project management, including placement, contract administration and warranty management.

We manage an annual project volume of around 30 to 50 million euros.

Our services include:
Strategic development of value add concepts for refurbishment and/ or repositioning

  • Preparation of detailed implementation concepts
  • Negotiation and documentation
  • Construction supervision and third party oversight
  • Cost tracking and control

Real Estate and Financial Reporting

Relevant real estate and financial reporting as a basis for our clients‘ decisions

Pro-active and strategic planning requires a sound basis of information. Whether it is cash flow modeling, budget and multi-annual planning, monthly or quarterly reporting: Based on the information needs and reporting requirements of our clients, we provide tailor-made reporting on an institutional quality level regularly and on time.


The reporting gives our clients a transparent and concise overview of the performance development for individual properties and portfolios (including target/performance comparison and key figures) from a real estate and financial perspective, so that status and required decisions are easy to determine

The reports also provide information regarding market development on the tenant and investment markets, the assessments of further investments (including profitability analysis) as well as bank reporting.

We also prepare analyses regarding the benefits and feasibility of value added approaches (e.g. expansions, modernizations, repositioning) and conduct stress tests (in line with client requirements). We thereby take into account the risk management and compliance-relevant aspects for our institutional clients (e.g. sovereign wealth funds, international fund managers, large family offices).

Our services include:

  • Customized RE and financial reporting (on property, portfolio, corporate and holding level)
  • Preparation of regular financial reports in local GAAP and IFRS
  • Budgeting and updated multi-annual planning (3 to 5 years)
  • Debt financing/ bank reporting
  • Financial portfolio KPI reporting (e.g. IRR, cash-on-cash yield, gap analysis)
  • Property KPI reporting (e.g. GAV, letting, WALE, yields)

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