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28th May 2019
BLUE Asset Management joins Schroders
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The team of BLUE Asset Management has significant local, on-the-ground intelligence and experience in the German, Austrian and Swiss commercial real estate sector.

The team consists of over 20 experienced professionals working together for more than a decade with complimentary sets of skills. Their joint link is a long-standing and close cooperation. In this constellation, the team has effected acquisition and disposition transactions as well as asset management of retail and office properties in Germany, Switzerland, Austria and Eastern Europe with a total market value of around EUR 5 billion.

The team is well-established and can call on a widely diversified know-how and specified experience in all relevant areas of the real estate industry, i.e. in the fields of retail operation, development of retail assets, architecture, finance, market- and financial analysis, audit, tax, law and chartered surveying.

The BLUE team is highly efficient in managing and supervising external commercial/ financial/ legal due diligence teams. Always striving for a solution-driven entrepreneurial approach based on long-standing expertise to ensure highest transaction security.


Dr. Artus Pourroy

Managing Director
General Manager

phone +49 89 242 98 158

Artus has more than 24 years experience in the real estate and finance industry, thereof 18 years as managing director and partner with direct acquisition and client responsibility. He has extensive experience from more than 100 transactions building up and successfully disposing EUR 5.0 bln. In commercial real estate portfolios.

Artus established twice an active asset management platform serving institutional investors with real estate asset totaling more than EUR 5.7 bln. Before this he was Managing Director and Head of Asset Finance in the Corporate & Project Finance Division of an international bank where he started his career as management trainee (credit and real estate analyst) in 1994. Artus holds a Ph.D. and diploma in law. As further activities Artus has built up a large biological farm project in Bavaria and established a long term housing project for homeless people in Munich.


Dr. Thomas Wiegelmann

Managing Director
Head of Investment Management

Thomas is an experienced real estate professional with more than eighteen years in the real estate sector across consultancy, corporate finance and investment. He graduated with a PhD on risk management in the real estate development industry and was appointed Honorary Adjunct Professor at Bond University (Australia) in 2013.

Thomas is Fellow of the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors and qualified with a postgraduate in real estate economics from European Business School Schloss Reichartshausen in 1999. Thomas graduated from the Owner/President Management Program (OPM) at Harvard Business School and is an alumnus of the School. He is a board member of the Harvard Alumni Real Estate Board.


Tino Lurtsch

Managing Director
Head of Asset Management Retail Properties

phone +49 89 242 98 140

Tino Lurtsch is working in the real estate investment and asset management for more than seventeen years. Tino is heading the retail real estate management operations at BLUE. Prior, he was responsible for setting-up an asset management platform for institutional investors with direct client responsibility.

Before, Tino was working as Managing Director for Lidl with the responsibility to establish a specialized real estate team in the headquarter of Lidl. In this role, Tino was also responsible for initializing and structuring various sale-and-lease-back transactions. Tino graduated in Business Administration. He is member of the retail organization MMM (Moderne Markt Methoden) and ICSC (International Council of Shopping Centers).


Anastasia Alperovich

Property Manager
Retail Properties Austria


Sophie Baden

Senior Asset Manager
Retail Properties Austria

phone +49 89 242 98 197•••


Kerstin Baumann

Junior Asset Manager

phone +49 (0)89 242 98 198


Constantin Deym

Asset Manager

phone +49 89 242 98 196


Marc Frank

Junior Controller

phone +49 89 242 98 191•••


Dr. Angela Geerling

Senior Asset Manager
Retail Properties Switzerland

phone +49 89 242 98 154


Dr. Katja Hartmann

Transaction & Asset Manager

phone +49 89 242 98 176


Daniela Ingrisch

Senior Controller

phone +49 (0)89 242 98 190


Lena Inselsberger

Junior Asset Manager Office Properties

phone +49 (0)89 242 98 222


Hanns Kaltenegger MRICS

Head of Asset Management
Office Properties


Dirk Löffler

Development Manager
Retail Properties

phone +49 89 242 98 192


Ida Mangano

Property Manager

phone +49 89 242 98 177


Kristyna Müller

Junior Controller


Franziska Otto

Senior Controller

phone +49 89 242 98 171


Gabriela Peklo

Property Manager
Retail Properties Austria


Thilo Schafii MRICS

Head of Financial Asset Management

phone +49 89 242 98 187

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